A distracted reading performance, 2013

"Glesn" deals with time and the distraction which happens when you look at your phone and walk.
To do this, I developed a special app for smartphones, which allows me to measure the exact time I need to read a certain line from the novella "The Garden of Forking Paths" from Jorge Luis Borges.
Equipped with the smartphone and a video camera that I mounted on my head, I started to walk and read out loud line by line from Borges novella.
After the walk I used the measured time to change the typographic setting of the book- depending on the time I needed to read the line. Lot of distraction changes the size and the kerning of the letters.

videostill glesn

Videostill, 12:29 min

videostill glesn

Videostill, 34:12 min

glesn the book