Data Substratum

Confrontation of digital Plenty and analogue Few mixed media, 2010/2011

This is not a science project but an artistic project. I am collecting data, data of my direct neighborhood. With the usage of scientific and technical methods I am able to generate a tremendous number of digital data. Therefore various of sensors are mounted on a special spectacles that I am wearing. Temperature, air pressure, location, light intensity, acceleration, distance and speed could be measured and stored as digital data. Therefore I want to behave like an scientist!


Special goggles

The artistic goal is, to overcome the big distance between Austria and China, the speed of the train, the time and as well as the social and demographic differences and to transform it to a smaller, much more meaningful, scale. But would that be possible using this huge amount of digital data? Could those potential information translated into a realistic set up or would it just end up in making the absurdity of the recorded data visible?


Visualisation of the angle of my head between kiev moskva

That's why I want to compare the method of the digital data collection with an analogical method where data are immediately reduced during collection.


Collecting digital data at a market in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Therefore I am using hammer and sickle as an connective element of the entirely project. In Austria, hammer and sickle are still part of the official emblem, in the former Soviet Union they were part of it till its collapse in 1991 and in China hammer and sickle are part of the communist party flag. Perhaps, hammer and sickle are more suitable to collect data? I want to behave myself as an artist!

hammer and sickle

Collected with hammer and sickle

collecting hotel

Collecting data in a hotel room in Yekaterinburg


Exhibition view

Cultural morphing exhibition